UEFA European Football Championship 2016


This application helps to manage the results of the matches of the UEFA EURO 2016 by creating group tables with all thinkable statistics data to get an overall view on the data and to comprehend the consequences of each result. The regulation of the UEFA EURO 2016 was accurately obeyed, with the exception of fair play, which is the seventh criterion in the group phase and the fourth for the best thirds, because of its high complexity. It can be downloaded in PDF form at the uefa.com site.

At any time, it can be shown what teams could play against each other in the round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals or the final, by simulating the matches in the group game that were not played. It is also shown what best or worst ranking a team can achieve, based on the results it already attained.

You can also change the language, copy all tables (of groups, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, final) to clipboard or save all changes, that were made.



For this program Java has to be installed. If it's not, Java 8 SDK u77 32bit.